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This realistic phantom allows users to identify and characterize an abdominal aortic aneurysm using ultrasonography. This phantom includes a 2 cm abdominal aortic vessel located 9 cm below the surface, which can be made to expand under pressure from a hand bulb. The vessel’s aneurysm site expands to 7 cm and then returns to its original size, creating an unprecedented level of realism and training adaptability.

This phantom includes additional features for context and versatility. Next to the abdominal aorta is another aorta of normal diameter, while other internal anatomy features include thrombus, inferior vena cava, hemoperitoneum, renal vessels, bowel, spine, and supplementary accessory structures. Medical professionals rely on Humimic’s industry-leading products to train the next generation of healthcare providers — choose the Aortic Aneurysm Training Phantom for a reusable, cost-effective solution for the future.

As with other Humimic ultrasound training models, this phantom will perform well under any ultrasound imaging system that is configured with the appropriate transducer. The recommended ultrasound transducer for our model is the high-frequency linear array ultrasound probe 5.0 – 12 MHz. As Humimic always cares about the highest quality and usability, we can assure you that this phantom will not require replacing disposable parts after each practice.

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