Artificial Blood 16oz


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This 16-fluid ounce (1-pint) bottle of Artificial Blood is used for everything from medical training procedures to motion picture special effects. Its popularity is rooted in the high quality of its consistency and pour, making it practically indistinguishable from real blood.

In medical training, Artificial Blood can be used to simulate venous and arterial access procedures. For instance, our ultrasound phantom trainers feature subsurface blood vessel structures that can be filled with Artificial Blood for use with ultrasound-guided vein location practice.

Cosmetically, this synthetic blood provides top-of-the-line professional quality for special FX. Makeup artists prefer Humimic Artificial Blood because it is specially formulated to meet the stringent demands of the medical industry — this means stain resistance and a realistic texture when it is both poured and smeared. If you need blood-red special effects or fake blood makeup that looks too real for comfort, choose Humimic Artificial Blood.


One 16 Fluid Oz (1 Pint) Of Blood

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