Humimic Medical is an industry leader in high-grade medical products. Our first invention, the ballistic gel, is best known for setting the standard for durability, quality, and reusability in synthetic medical gelatins. Medical professionals worldwide use our gelatins for simulations, phantom imaging, and to train with realism. Healthcare innovators also rely on our reusable gelatins for their products.

Quality begins at the start of manufacturing. Humimic produces its reusable gelatins using state-of-the-art techniques, materials, and instrumentation, and every aspect is subjected to rigorous inspection and controls. The process is then capped off with a customer feedback team, which reviews the needs of consumers. This system allows Humimic to maintain stringent quality standards and continue the level of care we have always put into our medical products.

Humimic is a customer-centered business. We pride ourselves on flexibility. Having worked with clients from numerous fast-paced and cutting-edge industries, we understand the scope of ingenuity that our clients bring to the table. We are here to meet that ingenuity with world-class customer service, quality, and value.

Our medical gelatins are non-toxic and made completely from inorganic materials. They are exceptionally durable and can handle repeated use, thereby reducing the need for replacements. They feel, react, and scan just like human tissue. Also self-healing, these medical gelatins can manage needles and repeat procedures, making them ideal for training and research.

We believe in being a one-stop shop for our customers. As a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer, we make it easy for customers to connect with us directly — this means lower prices and better customer service. We are here to provide anything our customers need. Our other products include dyes, tools, and accessories such as gel molds. Humimic can also create custom molds that are ready for use right out of the box. And for the utmost convenience, we offer worldwide shipping and provide documentation for FDA compliance.

Humimic is ready to deliver what you need. We stand behind our products with 24-hour, USA-based live customer service and a 100 percent money-back guarantee — we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Contact us today to see why Humimic is the most trusted name in medical gelatins.