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Humimic Medical synthetic gelatins are specially formulated to deliver both quality and value — and nothing reflects value more than reusability.

Our developers have created an entire line of synthetic gels that can be easily melted and molded for repeated use. Whereas other gelatins require 50 to 72 hours of preparation, our reusable gelatins require roughly 1-5 hours for the entire process. Additionally, our gelatins do not require the same degree of “babysitting” — you’ll only need to check on your gel once or twice as it sets.

To melt the gelatin, simply Pre-Heat your source to 250ºF (125ºC) and place the gel in a heat-safe pan. Once it has melted, pour the liquid gelatin into a mold and let it cool at room temperature. There is no need for refrigeration or additional ingredients — it is as simple as heating it up and letting it cool.

Humimic Medical reusable gelatins can be clear or colored for versatile use in phantom imaging and device testing. As an example, clear gelatin is often used for testing installations such as hardware attached to bones. Because it is transparent, researchers are able to see how the hardware reacts to different movements. This clarity stays consistent through repetitive melting and molding.

The simple and durable melting and molding process is what propels Humimic Medical gelatins above all others. With crystal-clear transparency, a stable shelf life, and no organic components, our reusable gels offer ease of use and unparalleled quality. They are odorless, colorless and non-toxic.

Our medical gelatins come in differing degrees of softness, with 0 being the toughest and 5 being the softest. Regardless of their number, these gelatins can be melted and molded in the same fashion. Simply follow the provided directions. When melting, pay close attention to all warnings to avoid burns. The warnings are listed in full at the start of instructions and are listed again where applicable throughout the process.

Experience the highest quality gelatin available with Humimic Medical and enjoy a simplified melting and molding process that is unequaled in the industry. Purchase your item today.

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