3 Ultrasound Training Probes (Linear,Curvilinear, Phased Array)

/3 Ultrasound Training Probes (Linear,Curvilinear, Phased Array)

3 Ultrasound Training Probes (Linear,Curvilinear, Phased Array)


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Wanting all 3 phantoms for a discounted price? This is your place! In this pack, you will receive all 3 phantoms we offer: the linear, curvilinear, and phased array. The ultrasound fan is a portable and durable tool for medical students, residents and sonography educators.  It allows the teacher to demonstrate ultrasound movements such as fanning or rocking the probe and helps learners see in real-time the effects of the movements on the ultrasound’s plane of cut.  The instructor can demonstrate probe adjustments without taking control of the probe from the learner.  It also helps cut through complex orientation jargon so that small movements of the fan in hand create tangible visual effects with the acrylic ultrasound “beam”.   The clear durable acrylic is waterproof and you can make erasable drawings on the surface as you go.  There is a 20 cm scale/marking/engraving down the middle to further clarify concepts of depth in anatomical structures.  The smooth lightweight handle can be disassembled for added portability and has magnets for easy reassembly. This has become an essential part of our teaching routine, and it is hard to imagine teaching a session without having it in our tool kit.


  • Demonstrate probe adjustments
  • Conceptualize orientations and planes of cut
  • Visualize small movements of the fan
  • Transparent acrylic beam allows for erasable notes
  • Durable handle disassembles for easy portability
  • Engraved measurements to further clarify concepts


“When I started teaching ultrasound, I noticed many learners had difficulty conceptualizing ultrasound probe movements and concepts like orientation and planes of cut.   It reminded me of my days as a Navy physician when I struggled to familiarize myself with the different movements of a plane, terms like pitch, yaw and roll.   It was hard for me to visualize in my mind the plane actions until my flight school instructor brought a small plane on a stick and waved it around while lecturing.  My wife and I started experimenting at home and created the ultrasound fan/ultrasound teaching tool to help learners conceptualize probe movements at the bedside. On our teaching routes all over the country, learners loved the tool and wanted their own which lead to our collaboration with Humimic to make it more durable and widely available.” – Dr. M ~ Upstate South Carolina

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